Lee & Lucy


Links to family and friends websites:


If you want to find out more about Lee, (i.e. more work realted stuff), then take a look at his personal website.

Ancient Greece Journey

Lucy’s Mum, (Mary), along with her aunty, (Jane), run a biannual (or is that semiannual? i.e. twice-a-year) tour of Ancient Greece.

Mike and Ben on Tour

Mike (Lucy’s brother) and his mate Ben went backpacking up the East Coast of Australia, this was there travel-blog. (Not sure if they’ll ever update it again, but it’s good to read about what they got up to).

The Pringle Family Website

Lucy’s cousin Emma has a family website; so if you want to see photos of John, Emma, Luke, Anna and Matthew (or JELAM as they are collectively known), then take a look at their website.