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Carols at Candle-lightning

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Thanks to everyone who has sent us Christmas messages, for those who haven’t… bar-humbug to you too šŸ˜›

We’ve only eight hours till Christmas, where as you have about 16 hours to go! hehehe – we open prezzies before you!

Carols at Candlelight was an interesting experience. It had a of a Glastonbury feel to it, hundreds (possibly thousands) of people all sitting in a field with picnics, ready for a sing-song.

We tried lighting our candles, but our efforts were blew out by the gale-force winds. It almost tried to rain at one point, but luckly it didn’t! (Lee and I thought it was lucky, but all the Aussies have been praying for rain for the last 3 weeks – Lucy)

It was good to meet up with Thembi & Tina & Joel, catching up with Amaze gossip and stuff, (its funny how we heard more gossip from someone in Australia, than those back in Liverpool!)

Spent the last couple of days getting a feel for Perth, we’ve just checked out the beach in Fremantle… (lush – Lucy)

Have a good Christmas, all the best, save us some turkey & Christmas cake (specially some on Emily’s homemade stuff).

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