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Fact or Fiction: Lucy & Lee’s World Tour

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We were being a bit geekish the other day, by trying to see if we could Google our names to get this travel-blog in the results. Apart from an adult movie-star called Lucy Lee, we came third in the list.

So we started to pay around with the search terms: “lucy and lee” – which again gave us results for the adult movie-star. However we looked a little further down and we noticed “Lucy & Lee’s World Tour” – which was a bit strange because we’ve only ever called this site “Lee & Lucy” (not the other way round).

So we had a little look around their travel-blog… and they are currently doing a round-the-world tour; very similar to ours!

It’s a small world, eh?

Now the search is on to find more Lee & Lucy’s (or Lucy & Lee’s) on their world tours! Let us know if you hear of any more!

1 Comment to “Fact or Fiction: Lucy & Lee’s World Tour”

  1. Lee Kelleher Says:

    I think I’ve mentioned the words “Lee” and/or “Lucy” too many times in one day… so I’ll now refer to her as either Miss Kehoe or “Oi” (with affection, of course).