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Not sure when we're leaving Spain now!?

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under General, Spain.

Hola! buenos dias!

A couple of weeks ago we booked our flight for when we finally leave Spain. I've been telling everyone that we're due to come 'home' on the 9th November... and everyone has been getting excited about that! (not completely sure why) ;-)

Late last night, Lucy received an email from easyJet saying that our flight for the 9th November has been cancelled!

We had a little panic, until we ready the small (ish) print... we can re-arrange the flight within 30-days of the original flight... so just to let you all know (thanks to whoever still reads this travel-blog! :-)) that we'll be back sometime during November! (We need to sit down and look at the available dates, etc.)

In other news... We've just been asked if we would like some of our photos to be published in an electronic travel guide: Schamp Perth Guide (it's free to download, but isn't available until mid-November)