Lee & Lucy

Only a couple of weeks left...

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under Spain, Alicante.

We've re-arranged our flight back to the UK, we arrive in Bristol on Monday 13th November! (Lynsey and Kieran will have to put up with us for a little bit longer now ;-)).

Lucy's Mum & Dad had a nice time here last week, they got back safe-and-sound on their massive drive back!

We've spent the last few days taking it easy, visiting some new places, (we went to Altea yesterday - it's a nice place). Today we chilled (literally, it was a bit windy) on the beach.

Lucy has already started looking for a job for when we get back... as for me, it's like buses - you wait all day and 3 come along at once! (Believe it or not, I've had several job offers in the past week - mostly freelance work).

We move out of our apartment at the end of this weekend.