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A Local Pub (for Local People)

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What an eventful weekend it has been! We had a quiet night at the local pub, (which ended in drunken stupidness), and we went to Anita's Christening, (which also ended in drunken stupidness) - are you starting to notice a theme building here? Early Friday evening, little Thomas decided that we were all going down to the pub! (Thomas is only 3 years-old by the way). So we all went down to the local - The Rising Sun - Lucy, Emily and the kids stayed for a couple of drinks, then headed home; which left Steve to introduce me to all his mates.

Everything was going well ... until ... well ... 14 pints later ... cough ... in my drunken stupidness, I call Rich a "Southern Softy!" In hindsight this wasn't a clever thing to have done - as Rich brought out a pint of the roughest cider you have ever seen! I must of somehow blacked-out to everyone's chants of "NECK IT! NECK IT!". Everything else after that I was reminded about from other people (mostly at Anita's Christening).

As you could imagine Saturday was pretty much a non-day for me... I did manage to appear in the kitchen for a few minutes, but with the over-energetic-jumping-around of James and Tom - I quickly crawled back into bed!

I did re-surface in the evening - Lucy suggested that we go to the cinema with Mike and Sam to watch "The Holiday" - it was a good movie and Lucy enjoyed swooning over Jude Law.

Sunday was Anita's Christening - the service was great, the Deacon was amusing - having kids of his own, he was quite laid-back about the other kids running around (and the adults taking loads of photos).

After the service, we went through to the hall for some food and drink. This is where I started to worry that I'd developed a bad reputation for myself - as when I would be introduced to someone, they'd say: "Ah, Lee... Lee from Friday night at the pub?" or "I heard you and Steve skipped all the way home?" or "Dat'll learn yur fur callin' us southern softies! Ha!"

Dean took loads of photos on his new Digital SLR Camera - which he uploaded to Flickr last night - although they are currently viewable by "family and friends." During the afternoon, Steve plotted to get me back down to the pub that evening... Telling me that Rich wanted to buy me another rough cider! (cough) So a few hours later I find myself back at The Rising Sun eating humble pie with Rich - who was just impressed that I had the balls to say it to him, (he's a big guy - not to be messed with), so I staying off the cider from now on!

The rest of the evening was quiet and pleasant - I didn't get too drunk this time... however when someone put The Wurzels on the jukebox - I was starting to wish I'd downed the cider again! Maybe I should have just renamed this blog post to "Drunken Stupidness" ?!