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Name That Parrot!

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Brass Parrot Letter Opener We’re still after suggestions for a name for our Parrot Letter Opener.

My Mum suggested that we call him “Polly”, (I thought she’d said “Holly”), whilst Lisa said “Bertie”.

Any other suggestions, please leave a comment!

5 Comments to “Name That Parrot!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Thomas says Edward too!!!

  2. Lee Kelleher Says:

    Edwhat? 😛

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  5. Naomi Dembby Says:

    I really need a parrot letter opener. My real, live parrot would be only too happy to open my letters if I let her. When I reject that possibility, she shrugs her wings and says, “Whatever”. She is a Red Bellied Pocephalus, an African breed. I named her, “Mtani” (which I spell “Ma-tani”). It means ” friend” in Swahili.