Lee & Lucy

2007 April

Who’s a Cheeky-Chops?

We just had to share this photo of Anita… She’s such a cheeky-chops! Last Friday night, Lucy got some pizzas from Asda… Baby Anita couldn’t take her eyes off the garlic-bread – she absolutely loved it! Davey wasn’t too impressed when Anita did a garlic-sick on him a bit later! 😛

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Ashton Court Festival 2007

I’ve never been to the Ashton Court Festival, I hear it’s good fun – so I’m hoping to go to this year’s one. Unfortunately, it’s currently lacking the funds to make it possible… so they are looking for donations. A few of the supports have set-up their own website to rally up donations, suitably called […]

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Easter Break

Easter camp wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. After I discovered that the Gordon Brown Centre wasn’t named after our current Chancellor of the Exchequer – I felt more relaxed. We had great weather over the weekend, although the first night in the tent was not very pleasant… I can’t […]

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Back at the Farm

I would usually apologise for not posting recently, but I’m not. I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of “interaction” from our friends and family (especially since it’s been noted that some complain that we never update). March was a busy month for us. Lucy has been working hard for North Somerset Housing, whilst I […]

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