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We’re Having a Baby

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How do you announce something that a lot of people already know about? Yet we never got around to telling everyone about it…

We’re having a baby!

Lucy (well, the baby) is at 21-weeks and doing really well. Here is one of the scans from last week’s ultrasound session.

20-Week Scan

We’re happy not knowing the sex of the baby until he/she is due… so if anyone figures it out from the scans – keep it to yourself! 😉 (More of the scans can be found here.)

We’ll try to keep the site a bit more up-to-date about the pregnancy and the house-buying (which we’ll tell you about in another post).

2 Comments to “We’re Having a Baby”

  1. Joshua Says:

    You look so cool! I’m soooo excited! When can we play?

  2. Lucy Says:

    Sorry Josh, you can’t play with the baby yet as it is still in my tummy and very small. When you come over to England next year you will be able to see it. May be in a years time it will be ready to play with you. Lee and I are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Love Lucy