Lee & Lucy

2008 February

One week later…

Katelyn is 1-week old today! Yippee! (don’t worry, we wont be doing this every week) Lucy and Katelyn came home last Tuesday – so we’ve been having fun getting used to Katelyn’s feeding/sleeping patterns. Thanks to my Mum (Lynda) for coming down to stay with us for the week – which was a great help! […]

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Katelyn Mary Kelleher

Let us introduce the newest addition to the Kelleher/Kehoe family… Katelyn Mary Kelleher. After a 12-hour labour, at 1:10am this morning, (Sunday 17th Feb), Lucy gave birth to our gorgeous little girl Katelyn.  She weighed in at 3.66kg (roughly 8lbs).  All fingers and toes accounted for. Lucy and Katelyn stayed in overnight at St. Michaels […]

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Going to be Induced… Today!

Breaking news… Lucy says her contractions have started! (and I’m writing a blog post?! Some father I’m going to be eh?) It’s typical isn’t it? We had an appointment this afternoon for Lucy to be induced… and it’s happening anyway! 😀 Everything is ready for our new arrive (or so we think). The nursery is […]

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Eager Anticipation

Well, we are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of our baby. The Bump is now officially 7 days overdue! So far, we’ve been following everyone’s advice… curries, pineapples, etc. (I’m not going to mention the “S” word, as it freaks me out!) We’ll be sure to keep you all posted of any updates.

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