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Little Miss Defiant

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We can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since we last updated the site! Apologies to family & friends who have missed our postings. I’m trying to persuade Lucy to update it too. (Wish me luck!)

We’ve got a backlog of photos and videos from over Christmas and Katelyn’s 2nd Birthday… we’ll get around to posting these very soon!

Meanwhile, here’s a lovely photo of Katelyn… our very own Little Miss Defiant! 😉

little miss defiant

3 Comments to “Little Miss Defiant”

  1. Maurice "Gram Pa" Says:

    Hey, I did not get any 2nd Birthday Pic’s, what are we like!!!

  2. Phil Says:

    Good to know that you’re still around. How long did it take you to remember your password?

  3. Lee Kelleher Says:

    @Grampa Mo – Doh! Completely forgot about taking any photos.

    @Phil – Yes, I actually found the password under some of Katelyn’s toys – she’d hidden it! (That sounds like a good excuse now!)