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San Juan

Back from Spain

We arrived back at Bristol airport safe and sound (and slightly delayed) late last night… Thanks to Lynsey, Kieran and Joshua for putting up with us for the past week – it was great to finally see you Josh. We’ve got a few photos to upload from our break in Alicante/San Juan – they’ll be […]

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Moved out of the apartment yesterday

We (finally) moved out of our apartment yesterday… Now Lynsey and Kieran have the pleasure of putting up with us for the next two weeks! 😉 We’ll miss the view from our old apartment’s balcony. It’s always difficult to realise how much stuff you have to move with you – I thought we’d cut down […]

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Photos from our Barcelona trip

We’ve finally got around to uploading our most recent photos to Flickr. This include pics from our short trip to Barcelona and the San Juan Fiesta.

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Moved Apartments

As most of you are already aware, we moved apartments last week. The landlord of our old place uses it as a summer holiday home… so kicked us out (nah, wasn’t that bad – we knew when we took the place on). We got the keys to the new apartment last Tuesday and spent a […]

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My Name is Earl

Watching about 5 episodes of “My Name is Earl” last night… since we don’t have any English TV out here, we’re making do with downloaded TV episodes of Lost and 24. Yes I know its very naughty and illegal – but we need our American TV fix too! (Maybe if iTunes could allow UK users […]

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