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Across the Nullarbor: Surviving the Indian-Pacific

After a very late night of farewell drinks and barbie we woke up slightly hung-over, having to finish off packing before Tamir & Narissa took us to East Perth Train Station. Big Thanks! Much to our surprise the check-in process was more like an airport, we even had to put our backpacks through... so we had to quickly sort out our clothes, as we thought we'd be able to access them on the train. Tina &…

Posted on by Lee Kelleher

We got into a right old PADI

Apologies that we have got out of date on the postings but we have been too relaxed enjoying life in Perth. We haven't felt like we've been travelling for the last month or so, therefore updating the web site has not been part of every day life. Well here's a brief update of the last couple of weeks. The last posting ended with us arriving at Jurien Bay with Tina, Thembi & Joel. We had a…

Posted on by Lucy Kehoe

New Photos

I've uploaded some more photos from Perth and our trip down to the south-west coast. We're writing up our next posting later on today... until then, enjoy the…

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Live from the Glory Ground

Weekend 1st/2nd February During the previous week, Tina mentioned that they were going to a footy match. (as I've missed most of the season I thought it would be interesting to watch an Aussie game - Lucy). So Lucy being Lucy dragged me along to the second football match that I'd ever been to! It was Perth Glory (the favourites) verses Northern Spirit (yokals from up-north). (not quite Premiership standard - Lucy). Our seats were right…

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New Year Review - Part 2

We've finally got round to part two of the "New Year" update, (to be honest its now a January update - Lee). So bare with us while we look back on the past month... New Year's Eve First sober New Year for a long time, after getting back from New Norcia we stayed in till about 11:30 when we took a romantic walk down to the river and watched the fireworks over the Perth skyline. Got…

Posted on by Lucy Kehoe

Quick Update

We haven't got round to writing up part 2 of our New Year yet, you'll have to be patient... We've been busy earning some cash for the rest of our trip. I've scored pretty well, getting a web development job. Unfortunately school doesn't start until Feburary, so Lucy has opted to do some door-to-door charity work. I've put a few more photos on the site, check them out in the "Perth" section. We'll try and do another…

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