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The Roman Dunny Room

Browsing around some of the flickr photos tagged with "puzzlingworld", we found this one is a great view of the complete room! Photograph by scottsworld pix. When we visited Puzzling World in Wanaka, NZ; the Roman Dunny Room was getting a paint-job... As you can see on the far-left of our photo…

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Fiji: What we can remember

Unfortunately we didn't actually write any notes about Fiji, we were too busy island hopping and relaxing on the beaches. It was our holiday (within a holiday). We arrived Nadi Airport 14.10 Thursday 15th 2003. We were greeted by a swarm of travel agents all toutting for busness. We took a luck with a friendly looking lady called Nate from Rambua Travel Fiji. After a long chat with her we booked for a week on…

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Home Safe and Sound

Just a brief update until Lee has a chance to get to a computer. We managed to find our way back to the start of our journey yesturday. We had a stop in New York staying with more of the Kehoe family. Big Thank you to Owen and Maureen for putting us up and putting up with us, and to Brian for a tour of New York. Lee is currently on a train back to Liverpool…

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Close Encounters of the Reef Kind

We had a fantastic time out on the Great Barrier Reef, although we found it to be very hectic. We did six dives in 24 hours!!! We were on and off the boat every two hours, apart from when we were sleeping... even then they woke us at 6am for our first dive! We don't want to make it sound like we were having a hard time, because it was really amazing out on the reef.…

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Lord of the Dingoes: The Two Tours

Hi All, We've had a manic time over the past two weeks, lots to tell you about... I know some of you have to read the recent postings in more than one sitting, so we'll try and keep it short-n-sweet. Fraser Island: 4x4 Wheel Drive Adventure When we arrived at Dingo's Backpackers on Monday afternoon we attended a meeting to talk about the trip. After watching an 'exciting' video about Fraser Island, (How to stay safe…

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To Byron Bay... and Beyond!

Howdy dedicated readers, we've been upto all sorts since leaving Sydney... let us bring you up to speed... Pioneering Spirit: Ivan's 3-Day Tour: Sydney to Byron Bay Once John (The Bullet) finally got to the tour bus, and we gave him some abuse, we got on the road to Byron Bay. Our first stop was at Dr. Jurds for some Jungle Juice - a concoction of dregs and leftovers all mixed in a huge vat overnight...…

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