Lee & Lucy


The Trek Up Mount Doom

I didn’t sleep on Thursday night, Lucy caught 40 winks for a couple of hours, but seeing as we were heading to Mount Doom (thats Mount Batur! – Lucy) at 2am I thought it was wise that one of us stayed awake. As promised, our driver was sitting outside the hotel at 2am, so we […]

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Dolphins and Snorkeling

We haven’t posted in a week, you best get ready for a major update! We arrived in Bali on Thursday night, not knowing where the best place to start was, we got talking to another traveller who was heading to Kuta. It seemed the good thing to do, so we shared a taxi with him. […]

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17 Mosquito bites later…

Sorry we haven’t updated in all most a week! But we’re both doing fine. Bali is not quite what we were expecting, guess we gone to the wrong places to see these postcard images you get of Bali. We’re going to be doing a detailed posting tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peak… We saw Dolphins!

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