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Singapura Cat Photo on Wikipedia

I received an email this morning asking if I would like one of our photographs to be used on a Wikipedia article. Being a frequent reader of Wikipedia, I’m more than happy for them to use one of our photos. So with a quick change of the Creative Commons license (to Attribution-ShareAlike), our photo is […]

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Singapore: Final Hour

Can you believe our last hour before going to the Airport is spent in an Internet Cafe updating this for you. Here’s a brief recap of the past few days… Monday My Birthday! Spent in style travelling back to Singapore with ample leg-room on the coach, so at least Lee wasn’t whinging about his knees. […]

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Photographs are online!

taken us a while to get the photos online, this is due to the fact that most internet cafes wont let you use USB or even CD-ROMS?! Anyways we’ve sorted it out, but we’ve already got 300+ photos, so we’ve added a selection. Take a look and enjoy. http://www.lee-and-lucy.com/travelblog/photos.php We’ll add a proper posting later […]

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No posting today… sorry

I’m in an Internet Cafe on my tod. Lucy isn’t feeling too well, so she’s gone for a nap. Big thanks to all the Happy Birthday emails yesterday, it made Lucy’s day… she’s going to post a BIG THANKS email later…

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Um Shanti

Monday night we went to Raffles to have a long distant Singapore Sling with Lucy’s Grandad, Cheers! Crazy thing about the Long Bar at Raffles is that you are encouraged to make a mess and throw peanuts at eat other! It was great, we had a riot! Tuesday daytime we explored Orchard Road (western-style shopping […]

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Singapore & The 12 Hour Flight

Saturday morning was crazy. I had a major hangover (thanks to Steve’s cousin’s drinking games) – but we get our act together, packed our bags, made it to the airport (big thanks to Pete & Mary for the lift)… Arrived at Heathrow expecting a long check-in, but to our amazement it wasso quick that we […]

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