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Steamboats at the Cameron Highlands

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Our bus to the Cameron Highlands was about an hour late, so we arrived a little later than expected. The bus ride was scary! There was thousands of bends & turns on the hill-side roads, our bus driver was a psycho! But we got there in one piece. The guest house (Daniel's Lodge) that was recommended could only offer us dorm beds, we're always looking for fun stuff to do, so we accepted. After all they only cost Rm6 (£1.20) per bed! Funny thing was that they were in the loft of the hostel, literally!

Red Phonebox in Malaysia On Saturday we went for a walk around the local town, it was very peaceful, a refreshing change from the busy Kuala Lumpur city! With tea plantations covering the distant scenery, we found it very relaxing. Cameron Highlands have many jungle paths that you can take, some easy some hard, so we opted for the easier one. It was very scenic, waterfalls, lakes, trees (it was lush - Lucy).

When we arrived back at the guest house we were surprised to find Ryan there, he'd got bored of the busy city and was looking for something more peaceful too... We met quite a few other travelers in the guest house's Jungle Bar, one topic of conversation that crept up was a local dish called The Steamboat, a fondue-type affair, were you have all your raw meats & fish, then you just throw them into a boiling pot in the middle of your table, wait a few minutes (or several), then eat & enjoy! We gathered around 10 travelers to go... it was amazing!

Big Hellos to Elka, Ryan, Scott & Maria, Donna, Marcus and the other two, who's names I can't remember now.

After the Steamboat we went back to the Jungle Bar, got very drunk until 2am (I didn't, I am good girl - Lucy). We played some guitar around the camp fire, good laughs!

Lee & Lucy at the Tea Plantations This morning we went on the Cameron Highlands' Country Tour... a 3/4 hour tour around all the local places of interest. The main focus was on the Tea Plantations & Factory. Others were a Buddhist Temple, Butterfly Farm, Honey Bee Farm, Strawberry Farm and Rose Gardens. Its a small world you know, we met another couple on the tour (Dave & Jane) who are from Ormskirk, they even work in Liverpool... so we all became instant friends! ;)

We got the bus back to KL at 4:30pm, along the long and winding road, I felt like throwing up again! We arrived back at 10pm - so just got some food and thought about keeping you all up-to-date!

Local Time: MIDNIGHT!

PS> We are heading back to Singapore in the morning... argh! more bus rides!