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Singapore: Final Hour

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Can you believe our last hour before going to the Airport is spent in an Internet Cafe updating this for you. Here's a brief recap of the past few days...

Monday My Birthday! Spent in style travelling back to Singapore with ample leg-room on the coach, so at least Lee wasn't whinging about his knees. We had the obligatory 1 hour wait for the coach however was still necessary. The coach was fitted with a VCD player and the driver put on a movie (a Hong Kong movie called Naked Weapon - Lee), but because VCD movies are spanned over two discs, the driver forgot to put the second disc in... so we only saw half the movie, but what we saw was good (kung-fu yeah - Lee).

Singapore Skyline Arrived back in Singapore, wondered around Chinatown looking for some cheaper to stay. Unsuccessfully we returned to the Backpackers Hotel hoping to strike a deal, but the old guy wouldn't budge. Feeling full of cold and tired from the 7 hour journey, I wasn't impressed with the price & standards when compared to Malaysia (Lucy was not impressed, and didn't I know it! - Lee). Well it was my Birthday!!!!

We met up with Ravi to arranged to pick up our backpacks from him (it was very kind of him to store them at his house while we traveled Malaysia). We got some food - Ravi ordered me some noodles still unsure quite what it was but it tasted good, Lee went for the "traditional" Chicken Rice. Back at Ravi's house, where he was King of Hospitality, we watched Gladiator whilst being supplied with tea & cakes. A very BIG THANKS to Ravi!

Tuesday Surprised ourselves by not waking up till after 10am (lovely - Lee), we took a relaxing stroll around the Little India area of Singapore, yet again I was wishing I had a spare bag and a house back home to store all handicraft goods that we saw! Having got up so late, we missed out on breakfast so our first meal of the day was curry & rice! (my bottom still hurts - Lee).

In the evening we went to the Night Safari (the first of its kind in the world). The first part of the trip was a tram ride around the zoo, (call it a zoo? My first thoughts were it was a deer park - Lee). Initially we did see rather a lot of deers, but as we progressed into the zoo we saw lots more exotic creatures! Halfway through the ride we got off the tram and ventured on foot around some the Leopard Trail. The scariest part was Mangrove Walk, a dark path that takes you extremely close to fruit-bats, the sign on the door read "Fruit-bats are harmless, though if you are afraid of bats, please DO NOT ENTER!" - so we went for it! Two minutes into the walk we wished we hadn't started! As we turned to look at a huge fruit-bat hanging from a tree, another one swooped past Lee's head (scared the sh*t outta me! - Lee) - and me too! So we walked triple-pace out of there, hearts pounding!

It was calming to see the otters playing together (more like fighting - Lee), suddenly they all stopped and stood on their back legs starring at us. There was a park-ranger behind us with a bucket of fish... it was their feeding time.

Wednesday It was a day in bed today, Lee went down to the Internet Cafe and played on the computers. (Played? WTF? I was putting the photos online - Lee). Lee with Raffles Statue In the afternoon we did the historical tour of Boat Quay and Raffles' Landing Place (we've got the photos to prove it - Lee). Then on to Clarke Quay for some food before going to say farewell to Stephen & Delia.

Thursday Basically we spend the day (so far) sorting our bags and sending things home (Mary, they should arrive in 4-6 weeks time). Now going back to the hotel to pick up our backpacks, then off to the airport for Bali... Gert lush me baber!

PS. Lee's fixed the time of the postings, so that they are always in local time... what a guy, he's great isn't he? (Guess who just had the keyboard?)