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Fish Feeding at Darwin Harbour

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Australia, Northern Territory.

We've just finished watching Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets, I promised Lucy that I'd take her to watch it at the cinema, as she didn't want to see it on cheap VCD in Malaysia, (only because I didn't want the audience laughter added - Lucy).

Yesterday morning we spent recovering from the Litchfield trip, we even overslept and missed breakfast! (9:30am breakfast is a bit early for backpackers - Lucy).

In the afternoon we checked up on the emails, (remember keep emailing us), updated the website, etc... (I'm sure no one is interested in that much detail Lee - Lucy).

Late afternoon we headed down to Aquascene at Darwin Harbour to feed the fish. Everyday at high tide hundreds of fish come to the bay at Doctor's Gully to be hand fed by us.

Just for our own reference, the fish included Diamond Scaled Mullet, Milkfish, Catfish, Green Backed Mullet, Bream, Teira Batfish, Shovel Nosed Ray and Blue Spotted Fantail Stingray. (we also spotted a little barrimundi, which I tried feeding this time. - Lucy)

Lee feeding the fish I'm not the biggest fish fan in the world but I really got into the whole experience, I jumped into the knee-deep water and fed (what seemed) like thousands of silver-backed mullets. There was other fish there, but they were alot bigger and scarier, like the huge milk-fish which often caused big splashes as they dived in-and-out of the water for the bread!

Lucy feeding the fish By the end of the session we started to get brave, putting little pieces of bread between our toes and feeding the fish that way... it was really ticklish, Lucy kept screaming.

When we got back to the hostel, we found two vouchers that had been pushed under the door of our room. A local nightclub was offering free food and 2 free drinks for all backpackers. Bonus! Lucy was going to make a spaghetti bolognese, but the offer of free food was too good to miss!

So we headed down to the Hippy Club for our free tucker. Believe it or not, there was quite a few other backpackers there! (Doh! - Lucy). We got talking to a couple from our hostel, ate the food, drank the drinks, then we got a lot more than we bargained for...

Around 9pm we noticed people heading towards the balcony, being nosey we went out to see what was going on... glad we did as one hell of a cracking thunder storm was brewing! With high gale winds and terenchal rain, it was quite an amazing display. Then the lightning started, great bolts lighting up the sky. We'd never seen it so strong or so close.

Suddenly there was a great thud and flash, as the lights dimmed in the nightclub. A bolt of lightning had struck a electricity line pole, which then caught alight. We watched from about 200 meters away as the molton metal dripped to the ground creating great sparks, (it was better than any firework display I'd seen - Lucy).

The storm came to a halt about an hour later. Funny thing was that when we left the nightclub, all the roads were dry, the only evidence that there was a storm was the broken branches that were blocking the pavements.