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Live from the Glory Ground

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Weekend 1st/2nd February

During the previous week, Tina mentioned that they were going to a footy match. (as I've missed most of the season I thought it would be interesting to watch an Aussie game - Lucy). So Lucy being Lucy dragged me along to the second football match that I'd ever been to! It was Perth Glory (the favourites) verses Northern Spirit (yokals from up-north). (not quite Premiership standard - Lucy).

Our seats were right behind the goal, which meant that any near-miss would be heading right for us... ouch! Pre-match there was fireworks, no seriously the Australians like to make an event out of everything, there was cheerleaders and fireworks, it was amazing. (The gates into the ground are really impressive, but once inside its a mix-match of seating including picnic blankets, stalls and "The Shed". The whole thing reminded Tina & I of Sunday league football, no offense Thembi! - Lucy).

The home crowd really love their chants, (bless him, you can tell he's not been to many matches, as it was quite tame compared to the Kop - Lucy). They even started to sing "Hey Jude" but replaced the words with "na, na, nanana, perthglory". (At the end of the match I nearly in tears, as they started singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Lucy).

Week-ending 7th February Monday evening we went to an outdoor performance of "Romeo & Juliet" at Kings Park. It took us a while to find the outdoor theatre as Kings Park is a huge place, as we were told several times by a taxi driver!

As we arrived at the theatre we suddenly felt unprepared, (Lee was dressed in shorts and tee shirt, everyone else had several layers on - Lucy). I didn't realise how cold it got at night, freezing my brass monkeys off. A couple sitting next to us kindly offered a blanket to keep us warm, this was a life-saver.

As for the play, I had doubts about Aussies doing Shakespeare seriously, but they pulled off with style.

Wednesday night, Lucy went out with people from work, got very drunk, when she got home I had to carry her up the stairs.

After work on Friday, we headed for Jurien Bay with Thembi & Tina & Joel. I was given the responibility of watching out for potential kangaroadkill. After one or two wrong turns we eventually got to Mair's beach house... we couldn't believe how pitch black it was at night on the roads, a very deep nothingness. (You don't even see dots of light anywhere from houses - Lucy).

We're heading down the south-west coast for the next few days, we'll write up our journal of that, plus what we did at Jurien Bay soon...