Lee & Lucy

Into the Heart of Australia

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Australia, Uluru.

We successfully made it to Alice Springs this morning. The journey on The Legendary Ghan was great experience... fantastic scenes on the way to the Heart of Central Australia! Including three bouncing kangaroos and the "famous" Iron Man statue.

We had a bit of an uncomfortable sleep last night though, someone in our carrage was a bit on the smelly side... and being typically English, we went to the lounge cart, and so did every other Brit! According to the train rules we weren't allowed to sleep in the lounge cart, but after explaining the situation, the train manager was more than happy to let us be! There was Big Cheers for him!

Upon arriving in Alice, we were picked up by the guys from the hostel we're staying at, Annie's Place, (we got a free night accomodation with our Ayer's Rock Tour). We also got roped into doing Thommo's Town Tour - a bus tour of Alice. (Which is cool for us, as we haven't enough time to do this on our own - Lucy).

We head off for a 3-day tour to Ayer's Rock (or Uluru as its politically known now) tomorrow morning at 6:30am... no rest for the wicked!