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Alicante Carnival 2006

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We went into Alicante City centre on Saturday night to see the Carnival celebrations. Since this was our first 'Carnival' experience, we decided against going in fancy dress - so we didn't look like eejits... When we got there, everyone was in fancy dress!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as Kieran and I did!

kung-fu-crazy-hat I ended up getting my coat caught on her big yellow hat!revenge-of-the-planet-of-the-apes Revenge of the Planet of the Apesdarth-vaders-knob Hanging out with Vader (bad flash) honky-tonk-men Hey hey it's the Honky Tonk Men! lady-pirates Aaaarrrr... love those lady pirates! sgt-peppers-tall-man The guy on the left is the tallest man we've ever met! the-incredibles The Incredibles... (bagsy not the invisible girl) the-three-amigos The Three Amigos (well, Gringos) total-chaos We think Lynsey got a bit scared of the locals superheroes Finally met Batman!!! (oh, and Atom Ant)

We all ended up quite drunk, stuck in the pouring rain... but lucky Kieran found a taxi for us... and we all lived happily ever after!

Lynsey & Kieran have some more photos over at their blog.