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Moved Apartments

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As most of you are already aware, we moved apartments last week. The landlord of our old place uses it as a summer holiday home… so kicked us out (nah, wasn’t that bad – we knew when we took the place on).

We got the keys to the new apartment last Tuesday and spent a few days sorting, cleaning, moving, etc.

It’s a little smaller than our old apartment, but it has two major benefits: it’s own swimming pool; and it’s literally 2 minutes walk to the beach! (I’m sure our previous visitors like the sound of that!)

We found a website that makes it easy for you to put a Google Map in a blog posting, so for those who want a better look at where we are now based… here you go!

3 Comments to “Moved Apartments”

  1. Dean Ward Says:

    Nice, I like this… are you able to place a pushpin to highlight your location.

    Say Hi to the Houstons… looking forwards to seeing some pictures of there visit on Flickr

  2. Lee Kelleher Says:

    I thought about showing the exact location… then suddenly had this fear that everyone would know where we lived! 😕

  3. Dean Ward Says:

    See your point…. I suppose you could put a large circle covering a few houses / flats… just an idea?