Lee & Lucy

Back in Bristol!

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under General, Family.

Hi all... We've been back in the UK now for over a week - and we've certainly been busy. I think the most amount of time we've spent in one place is 3 days in Liverpool last weekend! Not much to report really, mostly been catching up with family and friends, along with trying to sort all our stuff (and junk) out!

Had some fun trying to get the ADSL broadband connection (at The Farm) working the way we wanted it. It only worked with the one PC, so we went out and bought an ADSL wireless router/modem - to which we later found that the walls in the house are so thick that the wireless signal can't get through! :-?

So Steve bought a 30-metre telephone extension cable, so we'd have telephone/internet access in our bedroom (and soon-to-be-finished study/office). But when we plugged in the ADSL wireless router/modem, we realised that the Internet wouldn't work downstairs - because you can only have one ADSL modem connected at any one time! doh!

We're off to get some CAT-5 extension cable (probably 30-metres of it) tonight... all good fun!

Hopefully, we'll get around to adding some new photos and updates very soon!