Lee & Lucy

Close to Completion

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under Family, Bristol.

back of the house Another big bit of news that we haven't told everyone about is that we are buying a house!

Just before my 6-week stint back in August at Amaze (in Liverpool/Runcorn), we started looking at houses, saw a couple that we really liked... so Lucy got the ball-rolling whilst I was away. Since then, time has flown-by ... along with all the stresses with deposits, mortgages, solicitors, surveys, upon surveys, etc. (you get the idea).

So you can imagine our relief when our solicitor phones me this morning to say that we've finally exchanged contracts; due for completion tomorrow morning! :-D

Then, literally 5-minutes later, the solicitor calls to say that they haven't received their fees yet! :-( So it was mad-dash down to the bank for a Banker's Draft; everything is sorted now! :-D

We'll let you know how tomorrow goes! We are both really excited and nervous - all at the same time!!!