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We got the keys!

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under Family, Bristol.

Just to let you all know that we finally got the keys to our new house! :-D

Our very first guests were Emily, James, Thomas and Anita. The boys ran straight in to explore the house and garden!

running chaos baby on deck playing in the garden

Then our new "neighbour" Uncle Mike came around a shortly after. (I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him now!)

Now that the easy part is done (actually buying the house ;-)), here comes the hard part... cleaning, spending, packing, spending, moving, spending, unpacking, spending, more spending... (did I mention spending?) ;-)

Drop us an email (or leave a comment here) if you want to know our mailing address... just in case you want to send us anything? (like, maybe, a washing machine or a step-ladder?)