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Katelyn Mary Kelleher

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Katelyn Mary Let us introduce the newest addition to the Kelleher/Kehoe family... Katelyn Mary Kelleher.

After a 12-hour labour, at 1:10am this morning, (Sunday 17th Feb), Lucy gave birth to our gorgeous little girl Katelyn.  She weighed in at 3.66kg (roughly 8lbs).  All fingers and toes accounted for.

Lucy and Katelyn stayed in overnight at St. Michaels - well, I say overnight, but they only moved to the ward at 4am.  I wasn't allowed to stay ... I (eventually) got home at 5am, after getting lost in Bristol! (I'm still a foreigner around these parts!)

Early afternoon, we transferred from St. Michaels down to Weston Hospital.  They have a bit more space in their maternity unit - with a more relaxed approach to the first few days of motherhood (in terms of breastfeeding, etc.)

Lucy and Katelyn will stay in at Weston for a couple more days... all is going well - I just need to make the most of peaceful sleep! ;-)

There are more photos of Katelyn here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leekelleher/sets/72157603923276032/