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Merry Christmas 2008

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Merry Christmas It's been a while since our last post. As usual, we've had lots on, but never enough time (or make enough time) to tell you about it (whoever still reads this).

standing in the cot

Katelyn is coming on loads, each week she develops something new. She's been trying to crawl, but seems far more interested in standing up and trying to walk (with assistance from us or the coffee table, or anything about half-a-metre high!)

first tooth A couple of weeks ago, Katelyn's first tooth started to come through. Our lovely full-night sleeps were disrupted once more! But we shouldn't complain, as we've heard that we've got it easy. The end of breast-feeding is imminent! (ouch)

IMG_2164 After weeks of persuasion, Lucy convinced me that it was a good idea to get a real Christmas tree. Of course I was thinking about the environment... the thought of millions of pine needles on the carpet never entered my mind! ;-) The agreement was that Lucy would be responsible for hovering up the pine needles.

We are celebrating Christmas at the Farm with Lucy's family. Then we're up to Liverpool on Boxing Day to catch-up with my family, (and debate sleeping arrangements). We'll be heading back home at New Year. (Please don't burgle our house whilst we're away, all you'll find is dirty bibs & nappies anyway)

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year for 2009, lots of love (and hugs) from Lee, Lucy and Katelyn xxx