Lee & Lucy

Autumn 2010

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I blame Facebook for our radio silence... I mean who'd on Earth would want to read a blog these days? When things like Facebook and Twitter is where all the cool kids hang out, right? Well, maybe I'm not such a cool kid after all.

What have we been up to since our last update? Lucy's pregnancy is going well, less than 1-month to go now (due 9th January)! We're crossing our fingers that the baby doesn't come early - we've mentally prepared ourselves for a New Year, New Baby!

Austraila jigsaw Katelyn is growing up so fast! Over the last few months she's been keen to enforce her independence; "No Daddy! I can do it!" to various things like climbing into her car-seat or pouring her juice.

We recently found a jigsaw from our travels around Australia. Katelyn wanted to play with it ... 10 minutes later, she was reciting the states; very impressive!

Reading The Gruffalo A big thing that Katelyn enjoys is her bedtime stories! Particularly The Gruffalo or any of the Miffy books! We've lost count how may times the 'little brown mouse' has outwitted the Gruffalo!

In other news, I've been relegated from working in the house - due to imminent arrival - into our new office/garage conversion! Its been quite a smooth transition, albeit quite a cold one! Thermals and fingerless gloves are part of my uniform now!

During November I took part in Movember! When I grew a moustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Photos, comments and other shenanigans can be seen over on my Movember profile page.

We decided to stay at home during Christmas, especially with the baby due so soon! So if we don't get to see/speak to you over the festive season... Merry Christmas and all that jazz!