Lee & Lucy

Visiting Matt & Lucy

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under VW Campervan Trip 2013.

Upon leaving Farmer Ted's Farm Park, we headed over to sunny Sheffield to visit Matt & Lucy.

The drive over was a typical M62 rush-hour journey - lots of traffic, many "go slow" bits - all good fun!

We arrive at Matt's house in time for dinner -- a build-your-own gourmet burger - which the girls loved! (Thanks Lucy B!) Followed by a build-your-own ice-cream sundae - which the girls loved x10! (Huge thanks again Lucy B!)

Afterwards we thought we'd burn off our feast with a walk to the nearby resevouir. The girls spent ages playing "Pooh sticks" and hunting toads (in the dark!?)

It was great to catch-up with Matt & Lucy - and for them to finally meet the girls.