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Close Encounters of the Reef Kind

We had a fantastic time out on the Great Barrier Reef, although we found it to be very hectic. We did six dives in 24 hours!!! We were on and off the boat every two hours, apart from when we were sleeping… even then they woke us at 6am for our first dive! We don’t […]

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Lord of the Dingoes: The Two Tours

Hi All, We’ve had a manic time over the past two weeks, lots to tell you about… I know some of you have to read the recent postings in more than one sitting, so we’ll try and keep it short-n-sweet.

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The Sydney Experience

Sydney (23rd March – 3rd April) We were very lucky on the trains from Melbourne to Sydney, both times we managed to get four seats, meaning we could turn them into beds for a more comfortable sleep. We arrived at Central Station Sydney around 10am Sunday morning, Lucy’s uncle Jim & Muriel were there to […]

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From Perth to Sydney: The Great Ozzie Adventure

We had all good intentions of updating the journal as frequently as possible, but as you might have noticed we haven’t had much computer access since leaving Perth! So for all of you who have been having sleepless nights worrying about our latest adventures, worry no more… Here’s a bumper edition! Alice Springs & 3-Day […]

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We got into a right old PADI

Apologies that we have got out of date on the postings but we have been too relaxed enjoying life in Perth. We haven’t felt like we’ve been travelling for the last month or so, therefore updating the web site has not been part of every day life. Well here’s a brief update of the last […]

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New Year Review – Part 2

We’ve finally got round to part two of the “New Year” update, (to be honest its now a January update – Lee). So bare with us while we look back on the past month… New Year’s Eve First sober New Year for a long time, after getting back from New Norcia we stayed in till […]

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