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Going to be Induced… Today!

Breaking news… Lucy says her contractions have started! (and I’m writing a blog post?! Some father I’m going to be eh?) It’s typical isn’t it? We had an appointment this afternoon for Lucy to be induced… and it’s happening anyway! 😀 Everything is ready for our new arrive (or so we think). The nursery is […]

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Eager Anticipation

Well, we are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of our baby. The Bump is now officially 7 days overdue! So far, we’ve been following everyone’s advice… curries, pineapples, etc. (I’m not going to mention the “S” word, as it freaks me out!) We’ll be sure to keep you all posted of any updates.

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We got the keys!

Just to let you all know that we finally got the keys to our new house! 😀 Our very first guests were Emily, James, Thomas and Anita. The boys ran straight in to explore the house and garden! Then our new “neighbour” Uncle Mike came around a shortly after. (I think we’ll be seeing a […]

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Happy 50th Birthday Mum!

My Mum is going to kill me for telling everyone about this… but today is her 50th Birthday! Happy Birthday Mum! We went up to Liverpool for the weekend, (the drive up on Friday night was crazy! We later found out it was “Black Friday“). We organised a bit of a surprise evening out at […]

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Close to Completion

Another big bit of news that we haven’t told everyone about is that we are buying a house! Just before my 6-week stint back in August at Amaze (in Liverpool/Runcorn), we started looking at houses, saw a couple that we really liked… so Lucy got the ball-rolling whilst I was away. Since then, time has […]

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We’re Having a Baby

How do you announce something that a lot of people already know about? Yet we never got around to telling everyone about it… We’re having a baby! Lucy (well, the baby) is at 21-weeks and doing really well. Here is one of the scans from last week’s ultrasound session. We’re happy not knowing the sex […]

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