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Happy New Year 2007!

We got back from Liverpool yesterday afternoon. We had a great time over Christmas and New Year… we’ll tell you all about it in the next few blog posts (including photos). Happy New Year to all of you… and congratulations to Dan & Jules as they’ve just had a baby! (Bethany Emma Jane Higham)

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Life on the Farm

Just a quick general update really… We all had good fun at Lucy’s 30th Birthday bash last week – “bash” being the operative word, as Lucy had a bit of a stumble and fall at the Ice Skating – she had a big (golf ball sized) lump on her knee for a few days – […]

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Back in Bristol!

Hi all… We’ve been back in the UK now for over a week – and we’ve certainly been busy. I think the most amount of time we’ve spent in one place is 3 days in Liverpool last weekend! Not much to report really, mostly been catching up with family and friends, along with trying to […]

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Schmap Blog Partners

Since being asked to have some of our photos published in the (upcoming) Schmap Perth Guide, we have also become Schmap Blog Partners. (Which basically means that we did a link exchange! ;-)) Hopefully this may drive some more traffic to our site, (and theirs too).

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Not sure when we’re leaving Spain now!?

Hola! buenos dias! A couple of weeks ago we booked our flight for when we finally leave Spain. I’ve been telling everyone that we’re due to come ‘home’ on the 9th November… and everyone has been getting excited about that! (not completely sure why) 😉 Late last night, Lucy received an email from easyJet saying […]

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Upgraded the Photos section

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about our new flickr (photo sharing) account. Well thanks to the wonderful magic of WordPress plugins, (specifically one called FAlbum), we can show all the photos from our Flickr account on our website. You can either click the Photos link on the top menu bar, or just go […]

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