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Not sure when we’re leaving Spain now!?

Hola! buenos dias! A couple of weeks ago we booked our flight for when we finally leave Spain. I’ve been telling everyone that we’re due to come ‘home’ on the 9th November… and everyone has been getting excited about that! (not completely sure why) 😉 Late last night, Lucy received an email from easyJet saying […]

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Spanish iPod Translator

This might sound like some dodgy advertising pitch… but a while ago I downloaded a “Free Spanish iPod Translator” (from coolgorilla/lastminute.com).  Although I haven’t used it a lot, it has been useful when I have! 😛 They’ve got other language packs: German, French and Greek. So if you’ve got enough space left on your iPod, […]

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Photos from our Barcelona trip

We’ve finally got around to uploading our most recent photos to Flickr. This include pics from our short trip to Barcelona and the San Juan Fiesta.

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We’re off to Barcelona for a few days… Lucy is expecting me to show her all the sights – I’ve only been there once (and that was a few years ago!) So I’ve been researching where to go and what to do. One site that I’ve found very useful is: The Essential Barcelona Tourist Guide. […]

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The Houston Visit

Well the Houstons have been and gone… Petra and the kids head back to the UK, along with Lucy, on an epic drive across mainland Spain. Lucy phoned me this morning to say that they made it to the ferry at Santander, and were setting off shortly! They’ll arrive at Plymouth about 8am tomorrow. I’ve […]

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Moved Apartments

As most of you are already aware, we moved apartments last week. The landlord of our old place uses it as a summer holiday home… so kicked us out (nah, wasn’t that bad – we knew when we took the place on). We got the keys to the new apartment last Tuesday and spent a […]

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