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Close to Completion

Another big bit of news that we haven’t told everyone about is that we are buying a house! Just before my 6-week stint back in August at Amaze (in Liverpool/Runcorn), we started looking at houses, saw a couple that we really liked… so Lucy got the ball-rolling whilst I was away. Since then, time has […]

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Bristol Balloon Fiesta

We all went to Clifton Down yesterday afternoon to watch the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. The kids loved it, especially when some of the balloons came in for a fast (crash) landing on the Down. We took a few photos of the event, which you can see on our Flickr account.

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Back from Spain

We arrived back at Bristol airport safe and sound (and slightly delayed) late last night… Thanks to Lynsey, Kieran and Joshua for putting up with us for the past week – it was great to finally see you Josh. We’ve got a few photos to upload from our break in Alicante/San Juan – they’ll be […]

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Summer Balls

I wanted to post this entry last week, but got sidetracked with other things. Well, now that the summer is here, so are the balls… The weekend before last we went to the summer ball for St Francis’ Catholic Primary School (James‘s school). We had a great time, especially with our comedy bow-ties! 😉 All […]

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Who’s a Cheeky-Chops?

We just had to share this photo of Anita… She’s such a cheeky-chops! Last Friday night, Lucy got some pizzas from Asda… Baby Anita couldn’t take her eyes off the garlic-bread – she absolutely loved it! Davey wasn’t too impressed when Anita did a garlic-sick on him a bit later! 😛

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Ashton Court Festival 2007

I’ve never been to the Ashton Court Festival, I hear it’s good fun – so I’m hoping to go to this year’s one. Unfortunately, it’s currently lacking the funds to make it possible… so they are looking for donations. A few of the supports have set-up their own website to rally up donations, suitably called […]

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