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Back at the Farm

I would usually apologise for not posting recently, but I’m not. I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of “interaction” from our friends and family (especially since it’s been noted that some complain that we never update). March was a busy month for us. Lucy has been working hard for North Somerset Housing, whilst I […]

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There and back again – a developer’s tale

Well, wow… What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had! At the end of February, we headed across to Alicante for the Carnival celebrations, as well as to see Lynsey & Kieran (and Bump). We could tell you more about Carnival, but instead we took a lot of photos – which probably explain the evening […]

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Who’s a Pretty Boy Then?

This is the letter-opener that I’ve been telling you all about! We bought this little fella at an antiques fair a couple of weeks ago with the Christmas money Lucy’s granddad gave us (Thanks Michael). It’s around 90 years-old! The lady who sold it, told us that we need to name him… So if you’ve […]

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Sunday Walks

We will get around to finishing our Christmas & New Year recap, we’ve written-up half of part 2 so far, so we should finish it off sometime this week! In the meantime, we’d like to show off some photos we’ve been taking whilst on our Sunday walks. The week-before-last, we took Danny, Alex and Jacob […]

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A Walk On Dundry Hill

Last Sunday we met up with James and friends for a countryside walk in Dundry. We met at noon at The Dundry Inn to start our 6-mile rural amble. Not having fully recovered from the “man flu” … I was suffering from a (chronic) tickly cough – which started to slow me down after the […]

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Barry from EastEnders

Early Thursday evening, James asked me if I was looking after him on Friday night because his Mum & Dad were going to the theatre. To which I replied, “Erm… You’ll have to check with Aunty Lucy.” A little later, Lucy informs me that we are also going to the theatre and the tickets have […]

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