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Summer Balls

I wanted to post this entry last week, but got sidetracked with other things. Well, now that the summer is here, so are the balls… The weekend before last we went to the summer ball for St Francis’ Catholic Primary School (James‘s school). We had a great time, especially with our comedy bow-ties! 😉 All […]

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Woolton Bassett

We’ll tell you all about our trip to Greece in our next post… but just wanted to share some photos we took yesterday in Woolton Bassett of the kids playing in the local park. We’re very happy with our new toy! (Even if it did take us 5-months to get around to buying it!)

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Who’s a Cheeky-Chops?

We just had to share this photo of Anita… She’s such a cheeky-chops! Last Friday night, Lucy got some pizzas from Asda… Baby Anita couldn’t take her eyes off the garlic-bread – she absolutely loved it! Davey wasn’t too impressed when Anita did a garlic-sick on him a bit later! 😛

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Ashton Court Festival 2007

I’ve never been to the Ashton Court Festival, I hear it’s good fun – so I’m hoping to go to this year’s one. Unfortunately, it’s currently lacking the funds to make it possible… so they are looking for donations. A few of the supports have set-up their own website to rally up donations, suitably called […]

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Easter Break

Easter camp wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. After I discovered that the Gordon Brown Centre wasn’t named after our current Chancellor of the Exchequer – I felt more relaxed. We had great weather over the weekend, although the first night in the tent was not very pleasant… I can’t […]

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Back at the Farm

I would usually apologise for not posting recently, but I’m not. I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of “interaction” from our friends and family (especially since it’s been noted that some complain that we never update). March was a busy month for us. Lucy has been working hard for North Somerset Housing, whilst I […]

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