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Little Miss Defiant

We can't believe it's been over 6 months since we last updated the site! Apologies to family & friends who have missed our postings. I'm trying to persuade Lucy to update it too. (Wish me luck!) We've got a backlog of photos and videos from over Christmas and Katelyn's 2nd Birthday... we'll get around to posting these very soon! Meanwhile, here's a lovely photo of Katelyn... our very own Little Miss Defiant!…

Posted on by Lee Kelleher

Walk over Cadbury Hill

We live incredibly close to Cadbury Hill, yet we hardly ever make the time to go walking around there. So one Saturday morning we decided to go for a walk over the hill, head across The Star for lunch and slowly wander back. We knew that Cadbury Hill wouldn't be ideal for pushing Katelyn in her buggy/pram... so we brought out "the harness"!  Unlike other harnesses I've used, this one has the baby on the back.  I…

Posted on by Lee Kelleher

Guess Who's 6 months old?

We have had a very busy 6 months. But it's been amazing. Katelyn settled into life at home after keeping Nana Tyrer up all night the first night home. She found an infectious smile very early and later an infectious giggle. We had a lovely day on 6th July for her Christening. Thanks to everyone who joined us and for all Katelyn's beautiful presents. A special Thank-you to Emily and Steve for letting us…

Posted on by Lucy Kehoe

Attempted Hack

Photo by d70focus Yesterday there was an attempted hack on our website. We managed to sort it out before any damage was done, but it was a close call! If you notice anything suspect with the website, (like strange dodgy links to porno sites), then let us know straight away. I've written more about it on my other…

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Singapura Cat Photo on Wikipedia

I received an email this morning asking if I would like one of our photographs to be used on a Wikipedia article. Being a frequent reader of Wikipedia, I'm more than happy for them to use one of our photos. So with a quick change of the Creative Commons license (to Attribution-ShareAlike), our photo is now on the Singapura (cat)…

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Our World Tour Video Clips on YouTube

Just a quick note to let you know that we're going to try to get some of out camera-video-clips uploaded on to YouTube. Here's one we uploaded recently for the Elephants dancing to Nirvana…

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