Lee & Lucy

Singapore & The 12 Hour Flight

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Singapore.

Saturday morning was crazy. I had a major hangover (thanks to Steve's cousin's drinking games) - but we get our act together, packed our bags, made it to the airport (big thanks to Pete & Mary for the lift)...

Arrived at Heathrow expecting a long check-in, but to our amazement it wasso quick that we didn't even have time to request fire-exit seats (due to my long legs)...we didn't even manage a window seat. It was great to meet up with Sarah at the airport... (hope you enjoyed your night out)

12 hour is a bloody long time to spend sitting down, I even got DVT (Dude Very Tired), but I did all the "flight exercises" & wore these dodgy sock/tights from Lucy's Mum (thanks again by the way).

We watched loads of in-flight movies, I watched the end of Scooby-Doo 4 times, but managed to miss the beginning 4 times as well ?! Lucy didn't manage to sleep much, but she spent all the time chatting away to her new found friend - Luckily not me ;)

Arrived in Singapore and nearly lost our luggage to the super efficiency at Baggage Claim - unlike most aiports by the time we sorted passport control and spent a penny - our luggage had already come out and was on its way to bomb disposal room - only joking it as sat on the floor and we were still waiting for it to come round on the belt. A very long wait if Lee hadn't read the sign.

No time to climatize as we were jumped on by a dodgy (helpful?) taxi driver offering to show us the best hotels in the land. We mangaged to convince her our budget wouldn't stretch that far and to take us to the second best in the land (Only joking Mum - Lucy)

We sorted out our hotel room, dumped the bags off, then started to explore. We soon discovered that all the hotels offered an hourly rate, Lucy got slightly confused, but everything fell into place when we realised that we were staying in the centre of the red-light-district! COOL!

Looking aroundfor somewhere to eat was fun, if you don't mind frogs or pig's brains, then this is the place to come! We settled for Pig's Organ Soup... and some chicken/egg fried rice (very tasty!) (Don't believe all he writes - Lucy)

Once we managed to get up this morning. We spent most of the day looking around, getting to know the place, buy batteries for Lucy's digi-Cam... (as Lucy forgot to pick them up before we left the UK). So no pictures yet! We have navigated the underground ladened with backpacks (thanks Em yours is top stuff).

We have already been caught in a rain storm and got frost bite in a department store. We were surprised that we couldn't wait to get back outside. It isn't to unbearable yet.

Lots of Love, Lee & Lucy Local Time: 16:58PM - off to Raffle's Hotel for Singapore Slings later (Cheers Grandad - Lucy)