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Um Shanti

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Singapore.

Singapore Slings Monday night we went to Raffles to have a long distant Singapore Sling with Lucy's Grandad, Cheers! Crazy thing about the Long Bar at Raffles is that you are encouraged to make a mess and throw peanuts at eat other! It was great, we had a riot!

Tuesday daytime we explored Orchard Road (western-style shopping place), after an hour or two of shopping jet-lag finally caught up with us. So we went back to the hostel and crashed!

Tuesday evening we met up with Heather's brother Stephen "Captain Danger" Dale! What an amazing guy! He made us both feel very very welcome in Singapore, he introduced us to some of his friends, showed us around Little India, even took us to a rock gig! Big Cheers to Stephen!

Yesterday we met up with two of Stephen's friends again for lunch. They took us to a Hindu Temple for lunch. Rice and curry served on a banana leaf, an amazing experience which we were honoured to be a part of, as it was part of their festival.

Kid with Eagles In the afteroon we visited a Bird Park. I thought it was great, but Lucy wasn't too impressed, as she thought it didn't show any Singapore culture. I just wanted to see the eagles preying on little creatures (and small children).

Now we are going to Malaysia for the next 10 days, for beaches, rain forests and don't forget culture.

Thanks to everyone for the emails! Its fantastic to hear from everyone! :) Big hugs from Lucy & Lee! We're missing you all!

Local Time: 11:50AM (I'll get the date thing sorted soon, maybe?!) PS. We got some more batteries for the DigiCam, so photos will follow soon! Message for Lucy's Mum, don't worry about sending the batteries & charger to us now!