Lee & Lucy

3 hours to Malaka

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Malaysia.

We made it into Malaysia yesterday, arriving at a place called Johor Bahru, we were told to take an "express" bus to Malaka. We later found out that the express bus was more like a cattle-van (nah it was alright really - Lucy).

We arrived at Malaka 3 hours later. Stepped off the bus, then we were bombarded with tauts offering us hotel rooms & taxis. We noticed another couple of backpackers across the way, so we thought its best to get ideas from them.

Stuart Little between 2 Tigers Mark & Helen (from New Zealand) were as lost as we were. After walking around for hours (with Mark navigating), we eventually found a small road with many hostels on it. We picked a place called "Robin's Nest", its double rooms are only Rm18 per night, that works out at just under £4! Cheap or what? We later went for food and drinks with Mark & Helen, great couple.

Today we've been experiencing all the culture we can... temples, markets, shrines... Wow I'm totally cultured out for one day.

Local Time: 20:05PM