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A damned good scalping

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Malaysia.

The heat has got too much for my head, (today is a scorcher) my hair has gone really thick & ichy (YUCK!). So Lucy ordered me to get a haircut or stop whinging! So I got my head scalped, now I look like a skin 'ed scally, or just got out of The Matrix! We tried to get into the bartering but they just laughed and so we got stung for a £5 bill. (They really were laughing!)

Last night we went to Malaka's famous Sound and Light show. It cost all of £2 each, but putting this into perspective that compares to one night accommodation, so we were spending big time! The show told us the history of Malaka, from beginning to end, fortunately we missed the beginning, which goes to show what we thought of it! Not quite what we had been lead to believe.

Changing of Guards I thought I was cultured out yesterday, well Lucy wasn't! She dragged me kicking-n-screaming around more fantastic buildings and museums. We went to a place called Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, where we saw the changing of guard (slightly more impressive than Buckingham Palace). We even visited a couple of Churches, but was too early for mass.

Now were off to go check out some more local cuisine (or MacDonalds, just kidding!)

Local Time: 19:32

PS. Don't worry about the amount of time we're spending on the Interweb... the Internet Cafe is right next door to our Hotel, and costs about 30p per hour!