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Elephants dancing to Nirvana

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Malaysia.

We've seen some crazy things in the past week, (the karaoke bar in a buddhist temple was the pinnacle), but when we went to Malaka Zoo, what we saw was fantastic, Elephants dancing to Nirvana Unplugged... it had to been seen to be believed! (We'll show you a movie clip of it as soon as we can, as we've been playing with the video features of the DigiCam). Update: We finally got around to uploading the video clip to YouTube:


We arrived in Kuala Lumpur last night, we sorted out our hostel quite quickly, as we started getting lots of hints-n-tips from other travellers before we left Malaka. We opted for the cheapest room with A/C, its costing us £5 a night, it looks like something out of Prisoner Cell Block H (fitting in with my hair-do), but it serves its purpose well (a place to sleep).

View from KL Tower Today we went wondering around KL City, it is very built up, a mixture of old and new buildings, rich and poor, and very easy to get lost in. Or so we thought, until we unknowingly turned a corner to where we first started?! (Lucy was navigating again?!)

The main highlight of today is Menara KL Tower, the 4th tallest telecommunications tower in the world, a whooping 421m high! We got a fantastic view of the city from up there... and we've got the photographs to prove it! Including a few sunset piccys (don't worry Mary I am limiting the number Lucy takes).

Tonight we tried some local dishes at the Malay/Chinese Food Court... hmmmm... very tasty food, but don't ask what it was, or how we picked it... it was a gamble.

Local Time: 10:24pm