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Chinatown & Twin Towers

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under World Tour 2002/03, Malaysia.

Last night I started reading Bill Bryson's Down Under... oh my god I have never laughed so hard when reading a book! The way Bill describes situations is hysterical. Lucy had to tell me to stop reading, as the people in the next cell kept banging on the wall!

Buddist Template Today we've had an easier day, not too much culture (only the one Hindu Temple). We have been exploring the Chinatown, up and down all the side-street markets. Everything from raw-fish, fake watches, live chickens, VCDs (3 for £2), pig's intestines, it was truely an experience.

The other night Lucy told me to stop her buying things that she didn't need... so I said OK. But when she saw this sleeveless shirt in the market, could I stop her from buying it? "Look Lee I know I said that the other night, but I really need this top!" says Lucy... I wasn't going to argue with her, she was on a mission! The top is quite nice and Lucy did a grand job haggling the price, she got it down from £10 to £3... not bad at all!

This afternoon we watched Red Dragon on VCD. It was raining outside... give us a break, we can't be doing the sights all day every day! ;)

Lucy at the Petronas Twin Towers This evening we went to Petronas Twin Towers (the tallest buildings in the world!), we couldn't go up the towers as we got there too late, but we're going back first thing in the morning! Inside the Twin Towers' first 4 floors are shops & restaurants, so we got an expensive meal and wondered around the shops.

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