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We actually set the alarm this morning for 8am, now that might not sound too early for most of you, but to us it feels like being back at work! ;) Lee on the SkyBridge We had to get to the Petronas Twin Towers first thing to make sure that we could get tickets to visit the SkyBridge that joins the towers on the 41st floor. You're only allowed to spend 10 minutes up there, but we can't complain as it was free entry.

The view (in my opinion) wasn't as great as the view from KL Tower. Lucy did think the view was better as it was a clearer day, but she preferred KL Tower as you got the whole city at 360 degrees.

Believe it or not I'm currently suffering from a major cold?! My body must still think its in the UK! Plus I haven't been drinking enough water the last couple of days I've started to get a dehydration headache... so this afternoon I tried to sleep it off, while Lucy read up about the local sights & culture, planning where to take me for when I woke up.

Lucy: What a typical bloke! As soon as he gets a runny nose he's at deaths door and needs love and sympathy - he can wish.

Lee: Yep cheers Lucy! National Planetarium Sundial Lucy showing her sympathy dragged me around KL Train Station, then walking for miles to the Lake Gardens... which we still aren't 100% sure that we found them. However we did stumble across Stonehenge, a 10ft tall sun-dial, and Lucy saw a group of migrating monkeys trekking across the netting of the bird park aviary.

After we found our way back to the Hostel we watched Jackie Chan's Tuxedo on VCD - hey I've gotta have my dose of Kung-Fu! and remember I've got a cold ;)

Tonight we ate Claypot Pork at a food stall, it looked like one of Nan's Chicken Stews, but we couldn't find the onions?! It was very tasty, highly recommended, especially with stale doughnut pieces to dunk into the pork juices.

Local Time: 22:20