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Alicante Carnival 2006

We went into Alicante City centre on Saturday night to see the Carnival celebrations. Since this was our first 'Carnival' experience, we decided against going in fancy dress - so we didn't look like eejits... When we got there, everyone was in fancy dress!!! Hope you enjoy the photos as much as Kieran and I did! I ended up getting my coat caught on her big yellow hat! Revenge of the Planet of the Apes Hanging out with…

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Stuart Little 3

Just got this email from my Mum... >> Hi Lee, >> >> Did you know there was a Stuart Little 3? >> >> http://www.sonypictures.com/cthe/stuartlittle3/site/ >> >> Love ya >> >> Mum xxxxxx I'm starting to think that we're never going to escape that little…

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The Festival of the Three Kings

Today is the Epiphany. Back in the UK it's not a national holiday, yet it is over here - they love it! We went out into San Juan last night to watch the celebrations... it started off as a normal festival with floats and costumes, then we noticed that all the kids had plastic bags... these were for the sweets - the sweets that were launched from the tractor-pulled floats directly into the crowd.  I've never…

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Happy Nine Year?!

As they say in Spain... ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! So after getting her NIE number sorted, Lucy says to the guy behind the counter, "¡Feliz Año Nueve!". To which he just looks very confused and turned away.  It wasn't until later that we realised that she mispronounced Nuevo (new) by saying Nueve (nine) - so now wonder the guy looked confused when someone is saying "Happy Nine Year!" to him! Its amazing to think that by mispronouncing…

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