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Just a quick general update really…

We all had good fun at Lucy’s 30th Birthday bash last week – “bash” being the operative word, as Lucy had a bit of a stumble and fall at the Ice Skating – she had a big (golf ball sized) lump on her knee for a few days – but it’s all better now! The evening meal was great too!

We haven’t got any photos of the day (yet); our camera isn’t working properly at the moment – if anyone did take some photos – please send them our way!

In other news, Lucy is now working – she started last Wednesday for North Somerset Housing. I’m not really sure what her job entails (I’m a bit of a crap boyfriend at the moment).

Today is James‘s 5th Birthday! Em and Steve bought him a Power Rangers S.P.D. Scooter, so he’s one happy kid now! (I am told that the “S.P.D.” bit stands for “Space Patrol Delta” – but I still keep accidentally calling it “S.T.D.” – doh!)

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