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The Ghost of Grove Farm

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under Family.

We finally got around to watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 last night - it was quite good, although I still prefer the first one better!  After the film we got talking about ghosts, (maybe it was because Em got this video in an email?), which led to Steve telling us about The Ghost of Grove Farm!

I can't remember all the details, but strange things would start to happen if Steve's Great Grandfather's shotgun was placed above the fireplace.  Doors would open, objects would move, etc.

When you're out here living on the Farm, and the wind is howling... then you start to get shivers down your spine!

I did some googling around for ghosts in Backwell, (didn't find much), then ghosts in Bristol... to which I stumbled upon this: The Bristol Ghost Club! Classic! At least I know who we're gonna call!

I'll try to find out some more about the Ghost of Grove Farm!