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Katelyn's First Birthday

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love you lots, like jelly totsSince Katelyn's 1st Birthday fell mid-week, we thought it would be best to have a little party the weekend before, so that most people could make it.

What started off an a simple get together for "tea & cake" slowly spiralled out of control.  A few sandwiches turned into a buffet and the teas & coffees turned into beer and wine (and plenty of it) ... and there was still lots of cakes!

I'd set-up an SD card full of Katelyn's photos to play a slide-show on the Wii.  Showing everything from the baby-scans to now. I had to change the background music a few times, as some of the default music on the Wii made the slide-show look like a memorial rather than a celebration.  The slide-show last about half-an-hour, I was impressed that it made 3 cycles before anyone complained!!!


After the party, we thought that everyone would be sick of cake, tired and wanting to go home... but no! Danny wanted to challenge me on Mario Kart, how could I refuse? Then turned into a bit of a tournament involving everyone! It was a good laugh!

Birthday Cake!For Katelyn's real 1st Birthday, Aunty Lisa came down to visit for a few days. We took a day-trip to Cheddar... and yes, we bought some cheese!

Later on whilst we were doing a Skype video call with my Mum (Nana), Lucy surprised Katelyn with yet another birthday cake! This time it was "death by chocolate cake"! (I'm sure there's an Eddie Izzard gag there somewhere?)