Lee & Lucy

Walk over Cadbury Hill

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IMG_2563We live incredibly close to Cadbury Hill, yet we hardly ever make the time to go walking around there. So one Saturday morning we decided to go for a walk over the hill, head across The Star for lunch and slowly wander back.

We knew that Cadbury Hill wouldn't be ideal for pushing Katelyn in her buggy/pram... so we brought out "the harness"!  Unlike other harnesses I've used, this one has the baby on the back.  I felt like Luke carrying Yoda around Dagobah!

IMG_2579At the pub, the barmaid brought over a balloon and some crayons for Katelyn.  This was the first time she'd tried drawing... she really enjoyed it!

IMG_2585On the way back, Lucy took over on the harness. Katelyn was pretty tired and fell asleep on Lucy's back!  I did feel a bit guilty, as Katelyn was a little heavier on the way back (i.e. after lunch).

IMG_2567Shame she missed the view of Yatton from the top of Cadbury Hill. Maybe next time?